Dean Tran Moves to Oust Lori Trahan

Updated: May 13

FITCHBURG, MA – Dean Tran has officially announced his bid to unseat incumbent Lori Trahan for U.S. Representative in the Third Congressional District. Tran, a two-term Republican State Senator from Fitchburg, has garnered the needed signatures to be on the ballot in November. He collected over 4,000 signatures and submitted almost 3,000 certified signatures, 1,000 more than required, showing enormous energy and enthusiasm behind his run. Tran is the first Congressional candidate to make the ballot in Massachusetts.

People are angry. His campaign will continue to tap into this sense of frustration and bewilderment as momentum builds towards November.

“The prompt submission of my signatures was the result of an eager, aggressive, and hard-working grassroots effort to mobilize support throughout the district and to demonstrate that voters want to see an end to the incompetent and corrupt policies instituted by the Biden administration, that are supported by my opponent Lori Trahan,” said Tran. “The people in the district deserve a voice, someone who will represent them with integrity and transparency, and I look forward to representing them.”

He will focus on the dismal and incompetent record of Trahan, proving that her time in DC has been wasted on photo ops with no substance. There are a host of issues ranging from the economy, public safety, immigration, education, and civil rights that continue to remain unaddressed, wallowing in talk without plans or action.

“The people of the Third Congressional District are suffering from record inflation and gas prices, with many facing their economic breaking point. These problems are all the result of the Biden-Pelosi-Trahan’s inept and incompetent leadership,” said Tran. “My priority will be reducing inflation by gaining better control over Federal spending, encouraging and supporting small business, ensuring fair trade policies, and encouraging energy independence.”

Senator Dean Tran has a lengthy record of service to his community. He has no primary opponent and looks forward to winning and serving the Third Congressional District as its next U.S. Representative in Congress.

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