Our nation, and Massachusetts in particular, gets a failing grade on the maintenance of the infrastructure that helps keep our society functioning, including roads, bridges, and water/sewer/technology systems. This country depends on a transportation system that is safe, reliable, and efficient, to help stimulate economic growth and create jobs. Yet it’s apparent by the condition of the roads we drive on every day, that our government does not invest enough money to maintain and improve this system.

During my years as a local City Councilor and as State Senator, the number one concern of all residents, year after year, was the poor condition of the roads and bridges, and the seasonal disruption of traffic flow due to huge and unseen potholes. These potholes can cause several thousand dollars in damage to vehicles annually, in tires, rim, and suspension.  This financial burden on drivers and businesses is due to the failure of our government to properly fund and maintain roads.

In addition, 93 percent of the 5,229 bridges in Massachusetts require repair work, and 9 percent of those bridges (nearly 500) are considered deficient, posing a serious risk to the thousands of motorists who traverse our highways and byways every year. 

As if that were not enough, our water pipelines and sewer systems are aging and are not being replaced and upgraded on a timely schedule, potentially creating contamination and health risks to residents. Finally, the internet and broadband technology are lagging and not meeting the needs of today’s business and industry. We can and need to do better!


  • Direct more Federal funding to our states and municipalities for basic road repair and maintenance.

  • Provide fiscal incentives for states that complete road and bridge projects on time and under budget.

  • Slow infrastructure expansion, until policies, are in place to maintain our current infrastructure.

  • Enact policies that create competition between broadband providers to reduce costs to the consumer and to provide faster and better internet service to our communities, including rural areas.