Budgets matter to you and me, and keeping within a budget should also matter to the federal government. Everyone knows you should not spend more than you can afford, yet the US Government does that on a regular basis. Instead of trimming out-of-control budgets, the government simply prints more money. What does this mean? It means that the value of the dollar is reduced so you can’t buy as much with the same amount of money. 

Under Democrat leadership, trillions of unfunded dollars have been printed and put in circulation directly causing the 40-year record inflation currently at 7.9%.  We are also suffering from bad energy policies and poor decisions that have resulted in the sky-rocketing cost of gas for our cars and increased cost to heat our homes. Yet politicians tell us that if we just buy new electric cars and put solar panels on our homes the soaring prices would have little to no effect on us! 


The combination of a devalued dollar and increasing energy costs equals spiraling, out-of-control inflation, which hurts every American and every business every single day. In one year, the cost of food has increased to the point where the same bag of groceries that cost $20 last year may cost you $30 or more this year. The cost to heat your home is up 30 percent over last year, and gasoline prices have skyrocketed a whopping 50 percent! None of this is “Putin’s fault.” This falls directly at the feet of President Biden and the US Congress. We need a change–and fast.


  • Stop wasteful spending, and focus government budgets on fixing our infrastructure and growing good jobs.

  • Ending the excessive printing of dollars, which is devaluing our currency.

  • Enact policies that open up more energy production in our country to help drive down gas and oil prices.

  • Direct funding to assist our local farmers and to increase US-based Food Production.

  • Increase the Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment to help seniors cover the skyrocketing costs of food and fuel.