In the last two years, Americans have seen their freedoms under attack as never before in this country’s history. In the name of solving a medical crisis, Americans were restricted in their freedom of association, freedom to worship, freedom to run businesses, freedom to make their own medical decisions, and, with the help of “Big Tech” platforms, their freedom of speech. 

Children were kept from attending schools for an extended period of time, and when the schools were finally opened, children were forced to mask their faces all day while trying to learn, form friendships, and enjoy all the experiences that make education complete.

These restrictions came by way of unelected bureaucrats who made decisions about responses from not only the federal government but also state governments. Alarmingly, we also saw this tyranny raise its ugly head in other countries formerly seen as bastions of liberty and human rights. 


  • Ensure that any directives for the American people come by way of the U.S. Legislature.

  • Ensure that the Federal Government does not try to impose its will upon the states.

  • Ensure that laws enacted by Congress uphold the freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.